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Experimental wiki
Brainchild of Mr Jeremy Ruston. Great work, Jeremy! TiddlyWiki can be found at http://www.tiddlywiki.com .
Welcome to "yet another version of" [[TiddlyWiki]]. This extension contains a server-side component, which allows for easy saving and deletion of entries. It was the aim of the extension to make as few changes to the original interface of [[TiddlyWiki]]. The distinguishing features of this version are: * [[Server side]] * [[Merging of several versions]] * [[Images in the tiddlers]] * [[No database required on the server]] * [[Download standalone version]] *NEW*
Several versions of [[TiddlyWiki]] exist by now, each of them adding some functionality to the original version. This version merges some of the enhancements from [[the OgreKit-wiki|http://www-gauge.scphys.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~sonobe/OgreKit/OgreKitWiki.html]] with a server side.
It is possible to add images to the tiddlers. At the moment, very little can be done to control their position, but this would be an obvious [[future feature]]. [IMG[http://aasted.org/wiki/marvin.jpg]]
Several features are being considered for future releases * More sophisticated login-system. Being able to specifiy user-permissions and privileges. * Better control of image-placement in tiddlers. * Finding a name for this particular branch of [[TiddlyWiki]]. Suggestions are welcome. * Edit-history. Most other Wikis seem to contain a history of the editing of entries in them. This would make a nice addition to [[TiddlyWiki]].
This version of a [[TiddlyWiki]]-server side uses a file for storing the contents, and it is thus not a requirement to have a database to use it.
The files necessary for installing this version of [[TiddlyWiki]] can be downloaded from http://aasted.org/wiki/tiddlywiki02.zip . Read the [[installation]] guide for details on how to install.
Unzip the archive and upload the contents to your server. Make sure that the server has write-permission to the directory in which the files are stored. Logins are created by editing the users.php-file.
I would be very interested in hearing from you if you try out this version of [[TiddlyWiki]]. Please contact me if you have any suggestions, complaints or general comments. I can be contacted henrik at aasted dot org.
This [[TiddlyWiki]] contains a serverside, which allows for easy saving of changes to the wiki. Because of the potential for abuse with this function left open, a login-system has also been included so only authorized users can make permanent changes to the content.
By pressing the Download wiki-link in the right menu, a self-contained version of the wiki is created. A self-contained version is a single HTML-document that operates independently of the server.