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Parental Filter

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2005    Post subject: Parental Filter Reply with quote

Is there a free parental filter program for Firefox besides BlockerXXX for non-porn websites or a way to single out specific websites? The AdBlock kinda works but there doesn't seem to be a password option. I downloaded a program for Internet Explorer but it doesn't work properly or consistently with Firefox. Please let me know if there is one that works with both or just Firefox. Thanks.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2005    Post subject: Reply with quote

1. I wouldn't count on a free program to do that much good since the pay versions are not always that accurate or effective, themselves. (they often block legitimate content, while letting other offensive content through). So, if you're gonna filter with software, look into a pay solution (but I cannot recommend a specific package -- maybe someone else can list the popular ones).

2. Blocking this content at the browser level is not the right place to try and do it. There's two problems with doing it this way:
a. if you can access the browser to browse with it, then you can access the settings for the browser and change them
b. if you really want to get around the filter all you have to do is use a different browser

3. The most effective way to make sure a child isn't surfing porn sites is to put the computer in a place in the home where everyone can see the screen -- ie, the most public place in the house.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2005    Post subject: content filtering Reply with quote

I agree with Zachariah and will also point out.

Another browser is not nessasary? A simple deletion or renaming of the profile would easily bypass adblock?

Software on the client machine can almost allways be bypassed. Even by extreme measures like booting windows or other OS from a removeable drive or network source.

There is no replacement for phsically monitoring them by sitting with them or a remote conection and session recording software.

If you really cant take the time to be with your child and they must have internet access??? The only other option would be either a content filtering ISP or an aditional Router or Proxyserver or even another PC setup to block sites and keep ports closed.(I would start with a program FreeCisco if you are not already familiar with linux and if you choose the PC route)

Keep in mind the older the child get the more security he will need and now with popularty of WiFi this won't even be a complete solution. Kids are very resoucefull when pushed? As a last comment I feel the last thing on the internet you have to fear is XXX content. There are many worse things online then a bunch of nude images. Not to mention kids need masturbation material too? Embarassed
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